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 Welcome Ohio BWC Injured Workers

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"We work for you, the patient,
 not the BWC."

Dear prospective patient,

My name is Dr. Larry Van Such, and I am an Ohio BWC certified Doctor of Chiropractic.  Being BWC certified means I am able to treat injured workers, perhaps like yourself, in the state of Ohio.  It does not mean I work for The Bureau. 

I know that being injured at work is no fun.  From doctors examinations, to paperwork, to attorneys, financial difficulties, and even to BWC hearings downtown in that big fancy building on 30 W. Spring Street, your life can get complicated in a hurry. The last thing you or anyone in life wants to deal with is pain and the stress that comes with it.  That's where we may be able to help you.

Everyday we have patients come in to our office for treatment following a work injury with many different kinds of physical complaints.  Neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, leg pain, you name it.  What we have  found, however, is that along with their physical pain, injured workers share most of the following non-physical complaints in common:

Common Complaints Working With The BWC And "Their" Doctors 

  1. They are getting tired of waiting for their next hearing, next doctors appointment, or for their claim to simply be approved from the bureau.
  2. The BWC is delaying treatment, surgery, or financial benefits
  3. The workers comp doctor their employer sent them to DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!  Worse yet, this "doctor" said they were healed and can go back to work!
  4. Physical therapy didn't help them and they are tired of taking medications
  5. They are worried they will get fired if they don't return to work
  6. The BWC doctor spent less than 5 minutes with them.
  7. The injury is several years old, and they know there is something else more seriously wrong but no one can tell them what it is. (Dr. Van Such can help file a report for additional allowances.  See his slip and fall injury report and lifting heavy object injury report that proves discs get injured during work accidents.)
  8. Should they get a BWC attorney
  9. Their claim has been denied and their employer is fighting them
  10. They stopped their benefits.  and more...

What we have also found is that what the majority of injured workers really want is a doctor WHO WILL LISTEN TO THEM!  Sounds crazy, for sure, but that has been one of the biggest complaints with "The System"!

They also need someone with the expertise in dealing with their specific problem. Chiropractic care helps thousands of injured workers in the state of Ohio each year, but the problem is, many injured workers don't even know if they are allowed to see one, or worse, if they should see one.

No referral is needed to see a chiropractor!

The good news is, YES, you can see a chiropractor for a work injury, and YES, you can get the help you need for many types of injuries, including musculoskeletal problems such as herniated discs, lumbar sprain, neck sprain, carpal tunnel, sciatica, headaches, shoulder pain and more.

Here's what our patients have grown accustomed to receiving when they come to see us:

  1. A thorough consultation and examination on the first day.  This can take as long as the patient needs and we routinely spend an hour or more with the patient documenting everything relevant to their case.
  2. X-rays are typically taken in our office, and if necessary, MRI's and CAT scans are referred out to a facility located near the patients residence. 
  3. Quality Care:  Our highly trained staff is on your side. You will get all the treatment necessary that our doctors recommend and we file all of your paperwork and prepare faxes for you as well.
  4. Strange as this may sound, but, we'll get to know your name on the first visit and won't forget it! Your case is important to us as well and all of our patients deserve our highest respect.
  5. If you have an attorney, let us know. Chances are, after 15 years, we know them! 

So what's next for you?  Simple. Call our office at (614) 428-9310 and schedule your consultation and examination.  We will be awaiting your call.


Dr. Larry Van Such

Dr. Larry Van Such

Listen to what a few of our satisfied patients have to say!



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"All they wanted to give to me were medications.  I can't function on that stuff!

I had no idea I was allowed to see a chiropractor.  I thought my company doctor was on my side. Boy was I wrong. 

You guys have been professional throughout and I am very thankful my wife found you!" 

R.D.  Columbus, Oh

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"I know this sounds weird, but I was in a car accident while AT WORK! Was this a workers comp claim or personal injury claim? I had no idea. all I knew is that I was hurt and it wasn't my fault.

My boss was understanding at first, but after six months of me not working, who could really blame him for being upset. Our company doctor was, and I hate to say, worthless. Pills, pills, pills, and light duty. I am truck driver and there is no such thing as light duty! I tried to be patient thoughout, but after a while, I felt as though others were working against me.

My attorney recommened I see Dr. Van Such. He said he knew that chiropractic care really helped a lot of his clients and that if I had already tried everything else, what did I have to lose.

It took him just one day to figure out my problem and just three weeks to get me back on the road. I guess you can say I am believer now.

Thank you!!"

S.V. - Columbus, Oh

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