Most doctors don’t know about spinal decompression. Call Dr. Larry Van Such, Columbus, Ohio, Chiropractic

By | August 22, 2017

If spinal decompression is such a great therapy choice for disc injuries, how come other doctors don’t recommend it?

Dr. Larry Van Such, DC, explains:

Because this technology is so new, many doctor’s do not even know it exists. It takes a lot of time and effort to learn about new things and many doctors are either not interested or do not have the time.

Also, medical doctors are conditioned to either write you a prescription for your back problem and if that does not work, they recommend physical therapy or surgery. And if you are taking prescription medication for a back problem consider this; you are trying to correct a mechanical/structural problem that being the herniated disc and the compression of the spine, using a chemical solution, that being the medication. There is no way medication was was ever intended to correct this type of problem. It was designed to mainly mask your symptom long enough to get you out of their office.

Let’s also mention that unfortunately there are financial incentives to perform surgery and this is not good either.

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