Ohio BWC Additional Allowances. Dr. Van Such, Columbus, Ohio can help

By | August 18, 2017

Need an additional allowance added to your BWC claim?

Dr. Larry Van Such, DC,  explains:

A lot of times, the first doctor an injured worker may see is the company doctor or emergency room doctor. While they do a very good job at helping you on this initial visit, more often than not, the actual extent of your injuries may not be known for several days, or perhaps weeks and months.

As a result, the initial diagnosis that these doctors come up with may not be conclusive in accurately defining the extent of your injuries. Many times, after serious injuries, we see claims that have been diagnosed with only contusions, which is a fancy name for a black and blue mark, and abrasions, or scratches.

Self-Limiting Diagnoses Aren’t Good Enough

The problems with these diagnoses is that they are what we refer to as ‘self limiting’ injuries; meaning they will eventually heal on their own even you do not seek any additional care.

This is a bad problem for the injured worker because whoever diagnoses you first will be the one to file your first report of injury, and if all that is diagnosed is a scratch or bruise, it can be a real challenge to go back later and add any additional diagnoses to your claim, such as a disc injury.

You may find yourself still in pain months later fighting with your employer over this. They will take the position that all you had was a scratch, but the reality is that you also have a herniated disc or some other more serious condition, but you claim doesn’t accurately reflect this.

We Can Help

We help patients get the correct additional allowances all the time. It does take a little bit of work, but if you are patient enough and work with us, we can help in most cases.

If you have any additional questions, please call us at 614-428-9310.

Dr. Larry Van Such

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