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By | January 14, 2018

Do you need an Auto Accident Pain Specialist Doctor on Morse Road? Were you involved in a car accident involving bad weather conditions in or around Columbus, Ohio? We can help.

Bad Weather Driving Conditions and Limited Visibility

There are a number of reasons people get in to car accidents and bad weather is certainly at the top of the list. Poor visibility due to snow, sleet, hail, fog, and ice can impair not only your ability to see the road, but also those with whom you share it.  Combine any of these conditions while driving at night (where your opportunity to see is severely reduced to begin with) and you have a recipe for disaster.

Bad weather also makes the surface of the road you are traveling on less than ideal. As your car begins to drift or slide, the risk of losing control is real…your heart starts pounding and your adrenaline begins to rush.  This can happen to anyone.

We Are All Affected

When other drivers on the road don’t see you in front of them due to poor visibility, they may not brake soon enough. Plus, the slippery road you are both traveling on can’t slow the car down fast enough when the brakes are applied.

Poor weather conditions, reduced visibility, and slippery roads affects everyone who is out driving in these conditions…no one is spared from the stress.

What Can Happen? A.C.D.A.

The result…a car crash where you either hit someone from behind, or you yourself, are hit from behind causing injury to your neck, head, back, chest and others. The police reports refer to car crashes from behind as a failure to maintain an Assured Clear Distance Ahead, or A.C.D.A. for short.

This is the technical term for tailgating which essentially means the driver behind one car was traveling too close to the one in front.

Driving in these unsafe weather conditions and failing to maintain an assured clear distance ahead may also cause multiple car pile-ups…a good day immediately turns to bad when it is interrupted by poor weather and a car crash.

Pain May Not Be Immediate

If you get into an accident, you may or may not feel any pain at the moment; this could be due to the shock or adrenaline rush your body puts out as a defense mechanism. However, whiplash happens so fast that you may not realize any neck or back pain at first, but, you most certainly will in the days that follow.

Safe Driving Tips In Bad Weather

  1. Clean off all debris on car mirrors, mirrors, head lights, and tail lights
  2. Make sure window defroster works to remove fog
  3. Check for low tire pressure; don’t trust a broken tire pressure sensor
  4. Fasten seat belts of all passengers
  5. Look both ways, twice, before crossing any intersection
  6. Be courteous to other drivers
  7. Maintain an assured clear distance ahead to prevent an auto accident
  8. Limit distractions in the car such as eating, talking on the phone, looking in back seat for items
  9. Make sure all mirrors are clean
  10. Keep headlights on during rain, snow or poorly lit driving conditions
  11. Leave for your destination a few minutes early since drive time may be slower and longer

Get Help, Fast

Nobody wants to be involved in a car collision, whether it’s their fault or not, but, if you do happen to be in one, getting the right treatment as soon as possible will give you the best outcomes. If you are involved in a crash, our car accident pain specialists on Morse Road, here in Columbus, Ohio can help.

We are experts in dealing with these types of personal injury cases and will help you fill out and file any necessary paperwork whether or not you have insurance.  Even if the driver who caused the accident doesn’t have coverage, there is still hope. We work with all kinds of cases and car accident attorneys that can help you with your injury.

Don’t delay treatment!  Our car accident pain specialist doctors on Morse Road can help you replace what you lost and gain what you need.

Call 614-428-9310 today to schedule an appointment with our car accident pain specialist doctors!  We accept Same Day Appointments.

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