Can I work while receiving spinal decompression therapy? Dr. Van Such Explains…

By | August 22, 2017

One of the most common questions we get regarding spinal decompression therapy is whether or not someone will be able to continue working while receiving care.  In this video and post, I will help answer this important question.


Most cases of people who have spinal decompression therapy still work and we encourage those who are able to, to do so. But there may be some isolated situations where the kind of work you do may interfere with treatment such as manual labor jobs that require lots of heavy lifting, bending and twisting.

If you are able to take off work, or, if you are able to be placed on a job that is less strenuous, then those would be the ideal situations to be in while undergoing therapy.

So, a lot has to do with how serious your back problem is, and the type of work and home environment you are subjected to that goes into deciding whether or not one should continue working while undergoing spinal decompression therapy.

There are situations we have encountered where we took people off of work for a limited time to help them recover faster.  And this could mean that some patients were only off work for the first two weeks of care while others may have been off the first two months of care.

We will always make the best recommendations for our patients regarding whether or not they should working while undergoing spinal decompression therapy in our office.  Call today to schedule an appointment.

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