Treating Children in Car Accidents – Northland Area, Columbus Ohio

By | January 15, 2018

Was your child involved in a car accident in the Northland area of Columbus, Ohio? Do they need treatment?

Any child involved in a car accident or school bus accident should be taken to a doctor as soon as possible.

Just because their pain may not prevent them from playing or being active, serious developmental problems may arise if not carefully looked after. Sometimes, children may not be able to explain all that is hurting them and one might assume they aren’t hurt.

Getting your child to a doctor’s appointment is not always easy being a parent. You want the best for your child and giving them medications may only mask the symptoms of pain.

Our doctors in the Northland Area off of Morse Road have treated lots of minors and have excellent communication skills to help your child enjoy their visits.

What to expect

On your first visit, you will accompany your child for a history, thorough examination and evaluation to determine the appropriate steps for your child’s care. You will also be able to sit with your child through every therapy session to assure both their and your comfort.

Don’t let you child’s pain and suffering from a car accident wane away just because you did not think they were hurt that bad. Also, don’t relate the amount of property damage done to your car during the accident to the level of injury you or your child has. Even a 5 mph car accident with little damage to the car can cause lifelong disability if an injury goes undetected.

You might regret not getting taking the necessary time, now, for treatment. A simple evaluation can offer plenty of insight into your child’s condition.

We have had great results helping children with headaches after a car accident. We have also helped many children recover from whiplash injuries to their neck causing neck pain, as well as injuries to their back,  shoulders and rotator cuff.

Same Day Appointments

If you and your child were involved in a car accident in the Northland area of Columbus, Ohio come to Northtowne Chiropractic (in the Old Time Pottery shopping plaza) where our doctors have serving this area since 2000. We have helped thousands of people from ages 3 to 93 get relief from their aches and pains and are certain we can help you as well.

Call 614-428-9310 today to schedule your car accident appointment in the Northland Area.

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