How Long Before Herniated Disc Symptoms Improve With SDT?

By | August 21, 2017

How long before Herniated disc symptoms respond to SDT (Spinal Decompression Therapy)?

Dr. Larry Van Such, DC, explains:

Herniated disc symptoms may include lower back pain, numbness and tingling in the legs and feet, muscle weakness in the legs and feet and with severe cases, bowel and bladder problems.

Herniated disc symptoms in the neck may include pain and stiffness, numbness in tingling in arms and hands, nausea and perhaps loss of balance.

Some people with these herniated disc symptoms may respond after their first spinal decompression therapy treatment but this is rare and we certainly don’t want to give this impression to everyone.

Usually, however, most patients begin to notice a reduction in their herniated disc symptoms anywhere between the 15th and perhaps 20th spinal decompression therapy treatment.


The important thing to remember here is be patient with your care. A herniated disc is a serious condition and one that requires commitment to fix on the patient’s part. We certainly understand the desire to want your herniated disc symptoms to go away as fast as possible, and if there is something we could do to make it go away quicker we would.

But the best we have been able to do is to see a rather significant reduction in your herniated disc symptoms somewhere around the 15th to 20th treatment, and that is really good considering the nature of a herniated disc.

Now it is not unusual with people who are still actively working that they wouldn’t see a reduction in their herniated disc symptoms up until a little after their 20th treatment.

And while this may seem like a long time, it really isn’t especially if we were able to avoid you having to undergo surgery which we have been extremely successful with.

And since that is one of the goals for many of our patients, then the number of spinal decompression therapy treatments to help with herniated disc symptoms becomes irrelevant.

One thought on “How Long Before Herniated Disc Symptoms Improve With SDT?

  1. Alan P

    As you know mine is not an easy case and I didn’t expect much after having two failed back surgeries. The one thing you guys did different for me was instead of just trying me out on the table, you had me work on my posture which at first I didn’t think was a big deal. But the imbalances you pointed out in my si joints were a big reason i struggled in the past to get any relief in my back and legs. So the few tips on exercises and how to sit straight might sound simple for someone reading this but without getting too much detail i can say they were big reasons I got the improvement i did. I don’t think I will be ever be hundred percent due to what i had been through, but even if i get half way there that would be a miracle. I’m close and look forward to my treatments.

    Alan P.


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