Can You Have Spinal Decompression Therapy After Back Surgery?

By | August 22, 2017

Dr. Larry Van Such, a Columbus, Ohio Chiropractor explains if you can have spinal decompression therapy after back surgery:

We have a lot of patients who come into our office who have had prior back surgery wanting to know if they can receive spinal decompression therapy.  For patients like this, the first question we ask is, “Were there any metal screws or steel rods placed in the spine as a result of the surgery?”.

The reason we ask this question is because if two vertebral segments are now surgically connected together with metal rods and screws then there is no chance of ever separating these two segments apart which is what spinal decompression therapy does…it decompresses the disc by pulling the adjacent vertebrae apart in opposite directions.

Now if they answer to this question is “no” about there being metal in their spine the next question we must ask is, “Were the vertebrae ever fused together?”

This is a situation where the surgeon takes bone marrow from the crest of the hips and inserts it in between the two vertebrae stimulating new bone to grow creating a bridge between the two vertebral segments.

Because the net result is similar to that of metal screws and reinforcing rods, i.e., the bones are no longer able to be separated which again is the purpose of spinal decompression therapy.

If however there hasn’t been any fusion between vertebrae then chances are good you can still receive spinal decompression therapy after back surgery in our office.

If you have a copy of your MRI or CT scan be sure to bring it with you for your consultation and we’ll be glad to review it and go over all of your treatment options.

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