Treatment for Car Accident Injuries – Uninsured Motorist Coverage in Columbus, Ohio

By | August 21, 2017

You may be able to get treatment for car accident injuries if you have an uninsured motorist coverage on you policy.  This would apply if the person who hit you doesn’t have car insurance and isn’t able to pay for your medical bills or car repair.

Dr. Larry Van Such, DC,  a chiropractor in Columbus, Ohio explains:

It may not seem fair if the person who caused your injuries and damaged your car doesn’t have insurance coverage. One would think that they shouldn’t have been driving in the first place and that the police officer would have given them a ticket for this. However, in this situation, you may be in luck if you have what is known as uninsured motorists coverage or under-insured motorists coverage.

This is specifically for ‘any other driver’ who hits you but doesn’t have insurance. Usually, your insurance card will say this on the card itself; all you have to do is look for these words or the initials UM on the car.

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Dr. Larry Van Such

One thought on “Treatment for Car Accident Injuries – Uninsured Motorist Coverage in Columbus, Ohio

  1. Laura S

    I thought since the other drive didn’t have insurance that they wouldn’t be allowed to drive and thought I was going to have to pay all my bills myself once I found out. I appreciate you letting me know about your attorney to look in to my policy and so i was able to get care at your place and er.



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