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By | December 21, 2017

Auto Accident Doctor Columbus Ohio Chiropractor

Were you involved in an automobile accident where emergency services used the jaws of life to get you out of the wreckage?

Do you have whiplash, headaches, neck pain, back pain, chest pain, shoulder pain, or knee pain as a result of the car crash?

Do you fear you will not get treated fairly or will be unable to return to work?

We can provide treatment for you after your car accident!

Our doctors have been serving the citizens of Columbus since 1994, and have the tools to help you recover to your greatest potential.

We can help you get back to feeling great again, without drugs or surgery.  Below are some of the conditions we specialize in treating:


Some may be severe and persistent and may require immediate medical intervention, in such cases, a visit to the ER may be life saving.

Seek immediate medical attention if you have:

  • Headache that is increasing in severity
  • Sensory loss (visual, audio, smell, touch)
  • Double vision or visual disturbances
  • Muscle weakness
  • Confusion or altered thinking
  • Fever, high body temperature

Some headaches may be mild and intermittent, such as migraines and tension headaches. We have excellent results in treating both kinds.

Neck Pain

It can be due to a sudden motioning of the head, stretching and shortening various structures in the neck and upper back.

Whiplash is a common condition from auto accidents where the neck is experiencing severe symptoms.

If you had neck pain before your car crash, your condition may take longer to heal without proper care and treatment.

Receiving chiropractic care and following doctor’s recommendations for treatment is crucial for neck pain relief.

We can provide you with immediate relief from a severe muscle spasm of the neck, trigger points in the back, and lingering head pain that won’t seem to go away with medications.

Getting a chiropractic examination is the first step to finding out if we can help you. If the condition requires immediate medical attention, we will co-manage your condition with someone who can help.

Back Pain

There are many causes of back pain, especially after a car crash. Depending on the speed and direction of impact, tissue damage of the back can be very debilitating. Low back pain and middle back pain are very common complaints after a slow speed accident.

Poor posture at the time of impact can lead to strains and sprains of the muscles and ligaments of the back. Healing times vary, but recovery times shorten when given the proper treatment and rehabilitation services to enhance posture and reduce pain.

At our clinic, we can speed up your recovery time in half, by helping your body heal naturally without drugs or surgery. Chiropractic is ideal for all ages and conditions.

Chest Pain

The cause of most chest pain in a car crash is the seat belt. The sudden jerking motion causes direct pressure over the chest, resulting in bruises, cuts, or even broken ribs.

Getting a proper evaluation of the condition is important to determine the extent of the injury and if further imaging is required. A severe broken rib, although uncommon, can puncture a lung and lead to a condition known as pneumothorax, where the lung has been punctured and can be life threatening.

You should go to the emergency room if you have one or multiple symptoms of:

  • shortness of breath
  • rapid breathing
  • tiredness
  • chest pain
  • sharp pain

Our office is equipped with cold laser treatment, ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation, hot and cold pack therapy, vibromassage, and traction as well as high frequency x-rays for further diagnostic studies.

Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is a complex and delicate joint that can be easily damaged…it is often referred to as the rotator cuff. In automobile accidents, the shoulder may be injured from the seat belt, from side impact, or from sudden head movements, resulting in limited motion and dysfunction of the joint.

Proper treatment and rehabilitation of this body part will optimize the use of your arm by preventing the auto accident injury from turning into a chronic shoulder pain condition.

Even pre-existing shoulder conditions need to be treated with chiropractic, to restore the normal motion and function of the shoulder.

Knee Pain

The knee is a simple and stable joint that has 2 functions, flexion and extension. If your knees hit the dashboard in an automobile accident, the ligaments, bones, and muscles can be damaged.

If gone unchecked or untreated, the knees can cause foot pain, hip pain, or even back pain. Conditions of the knee can turn into lifelong chronic conditions of various body parts.

Restoring the normal function of the knee can have excellent results in resolving back pain and other problems.

Call 614-428-9310 to schedule an appointment with one of our auto accident doctors here in Columbus, Ohio.  We look forward to helping you with treatment for your headaches, neck, back, chest, shoulder, knee, or leg pain.

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