Columbus Spinal Decompression Therapy. Herniated Disc Treatments. How Many?

By | August 21, 2017

Spinal decompression therapy is the preferred method to treat herniated discs. How many herniated disc treatments does a person need? Dr. Larry Van Such covers the amount of spinal decompression treatment sessions needed for herniated discs, protruding discs, and disc bulges for patients living in Columbus, Ohio.

How many spinal decompression therapy treatments will it take to correct a disc bulge, herniated disc, protruding disc or extruding disc?

On the average, anywhere from 18-28 spinal decompression therapy treatments are required to pull the contents of the nucleus pulposus back where they belong. Each spinal decompression therapy treatment takes about 25-30 minutes to complete.

There is no pain associated with the spinal decompression therapy treatment. Many people usually fall asleep while the therapy is being performed.

If you need treatment for a herniated disc and live near Columbus, Ohio try spinal decompression therapy.

3 thoughts on “Columbus Spinal Decompression Therapy. Herniated Disc Treatments. How Many?

  1. Rosalinda

    Dr. Rick I just wanted say thanks for talking with me the last time I was in. I have been dealing with lots of other things beside my neck and it was a bit overwhelming. Neck is doing better and the hand massage after the table treatment seemed to work better for me.

  2. Adam Stills

    Hey Docs, Adam here, wanted to give a quick update;that protrusion in my low back at L4/5 seems to not bother me as much. I’ve had about eleven treatments so far out of i think the 18 your recommended an while i still have some pain, i feel as though my balance is much better plus i don’t have anywhere near the leg cramps as i did at night. so thanks for that. I’ll be in next week when i get back in town but wanted to let you know all is going good so far. later.

  3. Margaret

    I am very glad I found you guys. A co-worker of mine had been to see you back in 2015 for back and leg pain. I had been adjusted by chiropractors in the past and have gotten some relief but none of them had decompression therapy. I have to admit I wasn’t sure it would help, but it’s been a few weeks and I can already feel the difference. My back pain is down at least forty percent and my legs are no longer tingling. I just hope this continues and just wanted to say thank you


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