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Our Ohio BWC work injury doctors in Columbus Ohio are experts in helping injured workers get the care they need, the diagnoses added to claims and filling out lost time papers for work. Dr. Larry VanSuch and Dr. Rick Horsfield treat Ohio BWC injured workers in Columbus at 2240 Morse Road for many conditions including herniated discs, bulging discs, low back pain, neck and shoulder pain. If you were injured at work, we can become your Physician of record if necessary and fill out paperwork for any time off.

Chiropractic Treatment for Ohio BWC Injured Workers – Columbus

If you were injured at work and came to our chiropractic office, afterward, the first thing we will have you do is fill out what is called an F.R.O.I. form which stands for First Report of Injury. The F.R.O.I. form is your application to file a claim with the Ohio BWC.  It puts everyone on… Read More »

Dr. VanSuch: Workers Compensation Chiropractor in Columbus Ohio

Dear injured worker, My name is Dr. Larry VanSuch and I am a Workers Compensation Chiropractor here in Columbus, Ohio. I have been treating Ohio BWC Injured Workers since 1994 and during this time my chiropractic office has always had three main goals for our patients. These three goals are: Help the injured worker recover… Read More »

Ohio BWC Workers Compensation Doctor – Columbus

Dear injured worker, My name is Dr. Larry Van Such and I am a Workers Compensation Doctor here in Columbus, Ohio. Being a Workers Comp Doctor means I am certified by the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) to treat injured workers, perhaps like yourself in the state of Ohio; it does not mean I… Read More »

Ohio BWC Work Injury Doctor in Columbus for Neck and Back Pain

 Dr. Larry VanSuch is an Ohio BWC Work Injury Doctor here in Columbus who treats injured workers experiencing any of the following symptoms, conditions or diagnoses: Low Back Pain Neck Pain Middle Back Pain Sprains, and Strains Whiplash Sciatica or Leg Pain Herniated Discs (Protruding & Extruding) Disc Bulges Degenerative Disc Disease Shoulder pain… Read More »

Columbus, Ohio BWC Dr. Larry VanSuch – No Referral Necessary for Injured Workers

No referral is necessary for injured workers with an Ohio BWC claim to see a certified Chiropractor. Dr. Larry VanSuch, an Ohio BWC doctor in Columbus, Ohio explains: One of the more popular questions we get asked by Ohio BWC injured workers in our clinic is, “Do I need a referral to see a chiropractor?”… Read More »