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By | December 27, 2017


Dear Prospective Patient,

First and foremost, I want to thank you for taking the time to visit with us today. I realize it can be difficult looking for answers to your specific health condition when it is good health itself that is needed to focus all of your resources together (energy, attitude, etc.) in finding a solution.

No one wants to be sick and the feeling of being diagnosed with a particular illness can be quite unsettling…physically, emotionally and mentally. There are also many of us who suffer the same but go undiagnosed, misdiagnosed and/or mistreated. “I’ve been everywhere and no one can help me!” is a familiar complaint. Everyone’s frustrations are justified.
Don’t Give Up

I am sure by now that some of you are growing tired of trying the next medication, newest supplement, breakthrough therapy etc. and seeing little to no results. Yet in spite of these disappointments, there is still something within you, and within all of us, that says, don’t give up.

I suspect that is why you are here today and can only imagine what you must be thinking and going through. Is this the right place? Am I doing the right thing? I don’t have time to waste. My problem is just too unique for there to be a solution. What if they can’t help me? What if they can? Etc.
The Traditional Approach

As I look back over the years at how my family members and I approached an illness or difficult health condition, I can see many disadvantages that both the doctor and my family were placed in, through no fault of either, and it all began with the very first visit.

Scheduling an appointment by phone, arriving at the office to fill out a few forms and then sitting across a desk explaining our conditions, were (and still are), in my opinion, a recipe for failure.
The complexity of the human body

This might work for small, basic health problems, but the human body is just too complex for a person to correctly explain everything about their health history and current symptoms in such a short period of time.

This makes it all the more difficult for the doctor, who just received our paperwork moments earlier, to render any meaningful and long term solution.
There has to be more

Sure, medications were sometimes prescribed, supplements and exercises might have been recommended and lab tests were ordered but more often than not the symptoms and problems persisted.

Eventually certain members of the family were placed on insulin, thyroid medication, high blood pressure medication, etc. and from then on were just monitored until the next health crisis.

This never sat well with me or my family and after spending years and years of following along with this approach, we often felt there has to be more.

Perhaps our expectations of these doctors were misplaced. Perhaps our expectations as patients were, too.

We do things differently in our office

When you call our office to schedule an appointment, one of the first things we do after getting your name and setting the appointment is to ask you for either your email address or home address. This is so we can send you our patient intake forms long before we even meet.

There are several of these intake forms and they are invaluable to both you and us. Some of these forms ask questions regarding your metabolism surrounding the following:

• large intestine
• small intestine
• pancreas
• colon
• stomach
• liver
• gallbladder
• adrenal glands
• thyroid glands
• sugar metabolism
• male/female hormones, etc.
• chemical and environmental tolerances
• brain function
• stress
• serotonin
• dopamine
• acetylcholine

Other questionnaires relate to your medication history, nutritional history, family history, social history, past operations, scheduled operations, dental procedures and more.

As you can see, it is very important for us to know as much about you before we meet to help get to the underlying cause of your condition. That way both your time and ours will be as productive as possible.
“I will do whatever it takes if it helps”

We often hear from patients that they “will do whatever it takes if it helps” and we know this to be true with just about everyone. Therefore, once you become a patient in our office, you, my team and I will all be active participants in your health.

We are not going to just see you once, make recommendations and send you on your way. We will do follow up consultations, testing and even provide private educational workshops related to your condition.
Easy Access to Doctors and Staff

I want you to know that you will be treated with the highest level of care we can provide. Therefore, it is one of our goals to make sure every patient feels free to contact us with any questions or concerns at any time throughout the treatment process.

Communication is essential to your journey back to health and hopefully you will begin to feel the freedom to do so the moment you call and schedule with us.

Yours in health!

Dr. Larry VanSuch, PSc.D, D.C., B.E., E.E.

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